About TELOScope
We’ve coined the name of our organization from two words TELOS and Cope. TELOS in Greek means ‘Goal’ or ‘Purpose’. Cope is an English word which means ‘To deal with’ or ‘Manage’. Our flagship product ‘FiscAlmanac’ is a tool which helps financial planners to support their clients ‘to deal with’ their ‘goals’ through proper planning of their resources and hence the name TELOScope!

The name can also be broken into the words ‘TELOS’ and ‘Scope’ which also is meaningful in terms of helping to define the scope of one’s financial goals if they are too unrealistic in nature and re-align the same to fit his/her financial resources.

TELOScope is founded by Mr. Kiran Potdar & Mr. Chenthil R. Iyer with a sole intention of creating software tools in the financial domain. Kiran, with his 18 years of experience in the software industry (most of which in Infosys Technologies Ltd), is the man behind design and execution of a product. He is also keenly interested in the financial domain. Chenthil on the other hand is the domain expert with 8 years of experience in the financial industry, in addition to 2 years in the software industry. Chenthil has spent the last 4 years training aspiring financial planners and is also the founder of Horus Financial Consultants Pvt. Ltd, a fee based professional financial planning company which is aimed at creating and sustaining the awareness in people about the need for planning their financial resources in the most optimum manner. Horus comprises independent consultants who set up their own financial planning practice by plugging into the system and process put forth by the organization. The vision for Horus is to make it a finishing school where an individual with no background in finance can also plug in and become a professional financial planner and set up his practice.

Our Vision

To create software tools to support professionals in the financial domain and indirectly help the cause of financial planning in India.